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0+16+8 Special Offer!

0 (zero) stands for zero euro

Zero euro is how much you owe me for the design and development of your showcase website, your online "business card" or "brochure", which will include:

  • Home page;
  • Main page where you can best describe your business, your values, your thoughts;
  • “About us” page containing contact information and a form for sending messages;
  • Copyright page;
  • Privacy policy;
  • Responsive design that automatically adapts the display of the website to the dimension of the device used for navigation;
  • Creation of XML sitemaps (preferred format by search engines);
  • Creation of robot files to allow indexing in search engines;
  • Adding of all the codes necessary for a correct SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

16 stands for sixteen euros

16 euros is how much you owe me per month (payment on an annual basis, 12 months, 192 euros) for:

  • Registration of a personalized domain of your choice, for example similar to my;
  • Choice and renewal of a fast, secure, and always available hosting service that guarantees at least 99.9% uptime, automatic daily backups, and unlimited bandwidth;
  • Production and installation of SSL certificates to make the site, the connection, and the transmission of information encrypted and secure;
  • Online publication of the website;
  • Indexing of the website in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo);
  • Assistance in contacting the hosting provider and solving any problems relating to the functioning of the site and/or the email service.

8 stands for eight euros

8 euros is how much you owe me per month (payment on an annual basis, 12 months, 96 euros) for:

  • Activation of a professional email with the same personalized domain chosen for the website;
  • Opening of a mailbox with username of your choice, for example similar to my giuseppe­@­ or websites­@­ (the choices are endless, including

No obligation to renew

After the first year, or after each subsequent year:

  • You will have no obligation to renew;
  • I will have no right to ask you for any type of payment and/or refund.

Our contract will be considered concluded in all senses.

Domain and site ownership

Considering that I will create your site for free, my only request is that the domain registration is to be carried out in my name or in the name of my Shanghai company Biaoyu Business Consulting Services LTD, for 4 years.

Furthermore, for the same period of 4 years, apart from the respective copyrights and your full rights of economic use on the contents of the site, all the source codes of the website will continue to be of my exclusive property.

I want this point to be clear: this special offer is a risk for me, a bet on you. What I ask you to accept is that you agree to wait until the end of 4 years, even non-continuous, of using my services before deciding to administer without my help the domain and the files of the website. If after 4 years, even non-continuous, of using my services you decide to turn to other people for help, I have the obligation to allow the domain to be registered to anyone of your choice and to give you all the files that make up the website without requesting any further compensation.

What was said in the previous paragraph may also be made possible before the 4 years period in exchange for 1500 euros minus the total amount already paid to me in previous years.

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